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Windsor Chairs

​My windsor chairs are hand crafted using historically informed methods that yield the highest quality piece that will last for generations.  By starting with an oak log, I rive the spindles and steam bent pieces to ensure that straight grain is maintained throughout the workpieces, yielding maximum strength.  The seats are hand carved from a single piece of eastern white pine and legs are turned of hard maple.  Prior to assembly, the moisture content of each piece is controlled to ensure that the strength of each joint in the chair is uncompromised.

In keeping with tradition, I use hand tools exclusively to make each chair, which leave behind tool marks that are unique to each chair and provide evidence of a piece that was artfully crafted with a human touch and not by machine. 

Continuous arm with double bobbin turnings

Comb back arm chair with ball and cylinder turnings

Continuous arm with baluster turnings




Fanback side chair with double bobbin turnings


Loopback side chair with baluster turnings


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